Italian loafers £15

I was wondering the shoe shops of Newcastle looking for summer shoes. I had in mind a pair of Vans that I could perhaps wear with bermuda shorts and socks. Long ones probably.

But Vans cost from £35-50 nowadays, and seriously, how long are they going to last? I’d have liked some Gucci loafers, but am short of the  £300 it would cost to secure a pair.

I then wander into NicNat Vintage in Old Eldon Square, and find this rather dashing pair of cognac coloured Italian style loafers. Like Gucci’s they’ve a horse-bit style detail across the top, and they’ve got leather soles. But these were only fifteen smackers.

I think they’ve got a bit of a Tony-Soprano-sitting-outside-Satriali’s feel to them. Or something Compay Segundo might have worn sitting outside a Havana bar with a Prince of Wales checked sports jacket and a fat one sticking out the corner of his mouth.


~ by Lord Leigh Park on April 12, 2011.

8 Responses to “Italian loafers £15”

  1. Now those are a bargain. Which socks will accompany them?

  2. Hmmmm … this is a vexing question currently. It’s hard to find socks that are well made and interesting without being distasteful. I mostly wear argyle socks, diamond pattern. Any advice/tips?

  3. No socks, how many times, must I say no socks. You CANNOT wear socks with loafers

    • I think this may be the Australian in you Edgar. As a sometime Englishman, I insist on socks with everything (I don’t wear sandals by the way). This includes bed room activities of course.

  4. I think you may need to go down the Italianate route. Fil di Scozia are the ultimate in fine socks. However, of course one cannot easily top the hand-made variety for style and verve, perhaps with a subtle stitch intrigue.

    • When my Grandfather died in the late seventies, I inherited all of his handmade socks. They were indeed things of beauty, and endlessly repairable, which is another quality I admire.

  5. I have to say that Mr Crook may have a point, except that you could wear these loafers as shoes with trousers and socks. They are of a versatile type. What has happened to your grandfather’s socks?

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