Kid Congo

Last night I DJed at the Cluny where Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds give what used to be called ‘a concert’.

Kid Congo is a Mexican-American guitarist who has played with the Cramps, Gun Club and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. All bad boys (and girls).

What’s odd is that the Kid is actually a rather geeky, and very camp and friendly, chap. He has none of the menace of Cave or Lux Interior, and reminded me of mid-seventies comedians like Frankie Howerd in his mannerisms.

His music is a wonderful mixture of Tex-mex, surf, garage and girl group sounds, with a punk rock attitude and country influences. All the stuff I like really.

I like the way he dresses too. The last time I saw him play he had kitted the band out in Mariachi threads, a look I have tried to adopt, though I can’t find the necessary outfits. He’s also been fond of loud mixed up checks, leisure suit style. And he has a great selection of neo-country looks; ribbon ties, embroidered shirts, cowboy boots and second hand suits. His facial hair is pretty neat too.

All-in-all, despite the fact that he can look rather unpolished and crumpled, the Kid has a louche sophistication that is admirable in this age of jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.


~ by Lord Leigh Park on April 14, 2011.

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