New Cap

Lord Leigh ParkI’ve been looking for this particular type of cap since seeing Paul Simonon of The Clash wearing one in a photo from a few years back. I have a tweed version of this, but wanted something in a flat colour and very light – tan or beige. I was looking for something in cashmere too (not that I’m particular or anything).

Anyway, when we were in Manhatten, Lady Koo and I even went to JJ Hat Centre, probably the best hat shop in the world (after all, it’s been there since 1911). We figured that if we couldn’t find this hat there, we’d never find it anywhere. But they didn’t carry it in this colour.

By the way, in New York this style is called the ‘News boy’, whereas I think in this country it’s called an ‘eight piece’ or ‘poor boy’. At least that’s how I’ve seen them advertised.

Anywhere, today I find one, when delivering Big Ten Inch posters to vintage shops in Town. There, in Flip on Westgate Road, my good friend John had just signed for a delivery of these New York made caps. So out came the Visa debit card.

Andy Warhol once said “once you stop looking for something you find it. That’s absolutely axiomatic”.


~ by Lord Leigh Park on April 15, 2011.

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