Socks with sandals?

I’ve been looking for a pair of sandals for some time, years even, and when writing last night’s post I came across these Northwest Frontier Chaplis Sandals at Online Militaria.

To quote: “These all leather sandals were worn by the Indian Army on campaigns in the 1930’s.  During WWII, they were popular alternative footwear in the desert.  They were especially popular with the Long Range Desert Group and other desert raiders. These reproductions are made in the same style, in the same small shops, and by descendants of the shoemaker who made them in WWII”.

I shall be ordering a pair.

What struck me however, was how good these looked with socks. This statement is menswear heresy and it’s unlikely I’ll be taken seriously again by some. But imagine these amazing Jesus boots with knee length khaki socks, topped with a two inch foldover, and big desert shorts. It would look stunning.

For further proof that socks and sandals CAN work together, check out this 1954 photograph by Henri Cartier Bresson, taken at a Moscow trolley stop, and featuring a beautiful, young, stylish girl. She’s an office worker or a student, and with her friend she’s being appraised by the Soviet officer on her left. She’s wearing battered sandals … and socks … and she looks gorgeous.


~ by Lord Leigh Park on April 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “Socks with sandals?”

  1. I agree and often wear socks with my Birkenstocks – only under trousers though not with shorts. With sling backs I favour the kind of open-toed flesh tights you can get now if too cold for bare legs. Nice blog 😉

  2. I’m sorry, but I cannot take your feet seriously from here onwards. Footwear heresy indeed. The fact that you have found a beautiful girl wearing sandals and socks is further proof that men should not indulge, however strong the temptation.

    • Not even to appear endearingly English P ? Surely there’s a place for that in the sartorial canon 😉 ?

      • Hmm, a good point. I would concede that the look may play a part in the English sartorial cartoon.

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