Royal Wedding wear

While I couldn’t really be described as a Monarchist, I decided to do my bit for British style when DJing at a Alternative (to the) Royal Wedding Party yesterday.


  • Tweed jacket (with half belt and single pleat plus flap pockets) £5 from charity shop on Shields Road. Made from Supasax Bladen pure new wool by Maddington of Worksop and Rotherham.
  • Moleskin waistcoat, £44 from Wathen Gardiner.
  • Irish tweed Plus Fours, a present from former work colleagues, but purchased from Isaac Walton & Co, Westgate Road, Newcastle.
  • Blue checked shirt from charity shop on Shields Road, £3, made by WV Brown, Jermyn Street.
  • Bow tie, present from Lady Koo, but purchased from a charity shop in Whitley Bay.
  • Knee length socks, £6 from M&S.
  • Country brogues, £35 from Samuel Windsor.
  • Enamel skull & crossbones badge from AK Press, Glasgow, £3.

~ by Lord Leigh Park on April 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “Royal Wedding wear”

  1. I say! Spiffing outfit sir! 🙂 x

  2. This is Astrid by the way…

  3. Just marvelous… And links are swapped!

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