Thank goodness for homosexuals!

There are very few fashion trends worth a damn that haven’t had their origins in gay or black subculture. Mods dressed like slick American jazz musicians, skinheads adopted the dress of Jamaican street youth and both looked as camp as a bottle of coffee. These days many gay men want to look like skinheads, which brings the whole thing full circle of course.

One of the most hilarious educational films of the fifties is Sid Davis’ infamous ant-homosexual propaganda work Boys Beware, which I’ve attached below:

Ralph is of course a VERY stylish chap, as well he should be (dangerous homosexual predator that he is). He reminds me of my hero, John Waters. In the fifties, even the perverts were well-dressed.

These films are from the amazing Prelinger Archive. Check it out for some incredible style tips – this collection of out of copyright films from the 1940-60s should be your fashion bible.


~ by Lord Leigh Park on May 17, 2011.

One Response to “Thank goodness for homosexuals!”

  1. that “documentary” is indeed hilarious! Where do I even begin to comment?

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