Camp coffee

Although I’ve never particularly liked the drink, the Camp coffee label has always held a fascination for me, particularly sartorially.

My parents drank it, so even as a child I would weigh up which of the  stylish gents I most wanted to dress like. The brave Scots’ Guard, or the loyal Indian manservant. I had no particular awareness of colonial politics at that time, so I saw the native batman as being rather a romantic figure, perhaps attending to his master’s emotional and physical needs, as well as the polish on his Ghillie Brogues.

I did a search today, trying to find the label again, and noticed (that like all product labels with longevity) it has changed over time. Note how the Indian currently sits as an equal alongside the officer, when at one stage he stood by ready to be of service.

It still seems romantic though and is forever an image that brings me a certain kind of nostalgic peace.


~ by Lord Leigh Park on June 19, 2011.

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